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At Specialist Access Services we have experienced, IRATA trained rope access professionals dedicated to safety and speed.

We have extensive experience in providing rope access services for building, energy, and facilities management companies. We’re capable of covering large-scale and large volumes of projects. Together, our management team have over 30 years’ experience providing rope access services.

Whether you’re planning ahead or you’re in need of an urgent response, call SAS.

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SAS provide rope access solutions for our head office which is a very technical 5 storey building clean, we will continue to build on our growing relationship with SAS

James Cross, Metaswitch

Is rope access the solution?

As someone who’s looking to get the best deal and the best service possible, you’ll likely be wondering why you should choose a rope high access system for your next project. After all, if scaffolding is an option, as well, why not just go with that?

It’s important to realise that every project is different. No one high-access solution will always be the right one, and instead, you should evaluate each project on an individual basis, assessing the pros and cons for each as you decide which choice makes the most sense. Sometimes, you may want to go for scaffolding, while at other times, a specialty lift service is the right option.

In many cases, however, rope access services offer advantages that other systems just can’t compare to, making them the clear choice. With this in mind, we recommend rope access for your window cleaning service or maintenance services over any type of MEWPs or scaffold where access is difficult and could be time consuming and expensive.

Today, the application of Industrial rope access can be seen in most major cities, large towns or industrial complexes around the world. There are many reasons for the growth in the use of rope access in these locations.

Rope access services are very popular with building managers, environmental services personnel and city authorities.

What are the benefits of rope access?

Maintaining a tall building can be challenging, especially when you rely on traditional access methods. Maintaining a building via rope access is time and cost efficient.

  • Cost effective
  • Quick set up time

  • Minimal noise and disruption

  • No need to block/close walkways or roads

  • Reduced energy/fuel costs

  • Positive environmental benefits

  • Outstanding safety track record

  • No access machinery required

  • No need for ugly access structures

  • A great alternative to scaffolding

  • A diverse range of services perfect for confined spaces
  • Provided by qualified technicians
  • Job specific risk assessment / method statement conducted

Where can I use Rope Access Services?

Building and Window Cleaning

Curtain walls, fascias, signs, steelwork, gutters, concrete, brick walls, and so much more to be kept clean

Brickwork and Stone Repair 

Eliminating the requirement for scaffold, SAS will deploy a specialist rope access team enabling brick and stonework repairs to be undertaken in a cost effective and efficient manner.


Using rope access systems, our qualified cladding teams get the job done safely and within budget.

Concrete Repair

Specialised Access Solutions provide a comprehensive range of concrete repair and inspection services. We are adept at working at height to carry out all manner of work to any concrete structure.


Within the workplace, you may come across areas that are inaccessible by traditional methods. This is where Specialised Access Solutions can respond with a solution. Working closely with our clients, we can assist in accessing and installing various systems or equipment

Painting, Coating and Treatment 

Suitable coatings and material treatments are integral to ensuring that your structures remain in a serviceable condition.

Roofing and Guttering

Within a wide range of structures, the most common requirement for remedial works includes roofing and guttering.

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