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We understand that finding pests in your property can be a distressing experience which can cause significant disruption and damage. Whether it is pigeons or other birds, rodents, or insects, our pest control team are here to deal with the infestation, clean-up the droppings mess they have caused and sanitise the area so that you and your premises can return to normal.

With our wide variety of pest control solutions, Specialist Access Services are here to deal with the pests and put preventive measures in place at your property. Our pest control services cover London and the Home Counties.

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SAS provided a very efficient and professional service. We will use them again.

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Bird Control

Our bird control services deal with sparrows, starlings, pigeons, gulls and other bird infestations. We will discreetly handle the removal of the birds, nests and the cleaning of droppings from roofs, ledges and spaces around your building. Our team will return your site to a clean and sanitised state and before installing bird control measures to prevent reinfestation.

Pigeon control

As one of the most common bird pests, we frequently deal with pigeon infestations, nests and roosts. Our pigeon control services deal with the clean-up of droppings and the associated debris found on roofs, ledges and other parts of your premises. We will remove, clean and sanitise the affected area, returning it to normal with minimal disruption.

Rodent Control

SAS’s rodent control services deal with infestations of mice, rats, voles and squirrels. Once we have removed them and clean-up the droppings and debris around your premises. Our specialist pest control team will make your premises safe, clean and hygienic. We can then install pest control measure to help keep them away from your premises.

Insect Control

As part of our insect control services we deal with woodworms, silverfish, moths and other insect infestations. Our pest control team will remove the insects, clean and sanitise the site area it to a clean and hygienic state. We can then install preventative measures to monitor and control infestations, so that no further damage occurs to your property or its contents.

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Specialist Access Services have performed very well on the Metropolitan Police Framework, providing competitive quotations to all tenders and putting their upmost effort in to winning projects. SAS provide an efficient and good quality of service and are always very helpful. Ensuring each project is resourced appropriately with a workforce that communicates well and ensures that all jobs are completed to a high standard. We will continue to use SAS going forward as one of our main construction cleaning contractors.

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