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By reaching temperatures of up to 150°C, this steam based cleaning service can efficiently and safely clean algae, moss, fungi and even paint coatings off of your property. Our excellent Doff Steam Cleaning service can restore brick, stone, roofs, renders, and even monuments and headstones back to their original beauty! We at Specialist Access Services aim to help you feel proud of your property by making it sparkle, and this service is certainly a great choice for achieving that.

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What are the key benefits of our Doff Steam Cleaning Service?

  • It removes almost all staining and discolouration from the surfaces whilst restoring them back to their original colour;
  • It minimises the risk of damage to your property, especially on older stone and brick work which require a more delicate approach;

  • It’s quick and highly effective;
  • It helps your property make a great first impression on visitors;
  • It creates a healthier and more welcoming environment;
  • It provides you with a peace of mind.

Steam cleaning removes:

  • Varnish

  • Paint
  • Oil-based products
  • Moss
  • Algae
  • Mould
  • Rust Stains

How does Doff Steam Cleaning work?

  • Our Doff Steam Cleaning Service uses superheated, low pressure water to remove biological matter like moss, algae, fungi and spores from stone, brick, roofs and more.

  • Whilst this solution goes up to temperatures of 150°C, the pressure and water used on your property is very low which provides a gentle clean. This means after a little TLC from our Doff Steam Cleaner, your building will look like new again without any risk of damage.

  • Even for the most delicate of properties, our Doff Steam Cleaning solution is a great option for restoring your property to its former glory.

Doff Steam Cleaning

Customer Review

Specialist Access Services have performed very well on the Metropolitan Police Framework, providing competitive quotations to all tenders and putting their upmost effort in to winning projects. SAS provide an efficient and good quality of service and are always very helpful. Ensuring each project is resourced appropriately with a workforce that communicates well and ensures that all jobs are completed to a high standard. We will continue to use SAS going forward as one of our main construction cleaning contractors.

Willmott DixonKyle Harvey, Willmott Dixon

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